Friday, October 31, 2008

Court Restricts Patents for Software and Business Methods

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Many people agree that the current U.S. patent system is broken in some form or another, especially when it comes to technology. I'm all for having a process in place for individuals to protect their intellectual property so that they are recognized and rewarded for their inventions and creativity, but the hoarding of patents and the entire "patent troll" industry shines a harsh light on the faults in the system.

Well, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit may have made a pretty big step in the right direction as they delivered a ruling that should restricts patents for software and business methods. Basically, the court emphasized that these patents need to meet one of two specific criteria for them to be valid - a patent needs to be tied to a specific machine or it needs to change something from one "state" to another.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lawsuits Abound for Websites Using Wish Lists

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Yet another rediculous Web-related lawsuit has been filed - this time against companies that use wish lists for products. The lawsuit comes from Channel Intelligence, a company with a patent that looks like it covers the creation of lists in databases.

This reminds me of the absurdity of Amazon's One-Click patent which basically had Amazon controlling the rights to one click purchases on websites. Seems like something somebody made up as a spoof or something right? Well, I wish it was just a joke, and while Amazon's One-Click patent was partially restricted, much of it still exists.

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