Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fake Profiles Part 1 - MySpace

Tags: fake profiles, internet marketers, myspace, spam

Okay, so it's probably not a mystery that MySpace is filled with fake profiles, but do you know why those fake profiles exist? Why do people spend the time creating them? Well, with MySpace having such a huge pool of users, it's the perfect place for some bulk marketing (aka, spamming).

You see, there are a whole lot of internet marketers out there - and I use the term loosely - who are looking for any way possible to spread their links to as many people as possible. These links are usually to affiliate products and websites where the "marketer" gets a cut (either per sale or sometimes per so many visitors). Since MySpace has such a huge userbase and has some marketing friendly features (nameley sending bulletins to friends) it makes for a great source of Web victims.

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