Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Undercover FBI Agent Discusses Life as Identity Theif

Tags: identity theft

Identity theft has been an increasing concern for many. With credit card theft, online account hacks, and a multitude of other identity related crimes constantly on the rise, law enforcement agencies seem to always be a few steps behind. For one FBI agent, however, three years undercover proved to be quite a revealing and successful operation.

Mularski, the undercover FBI agent, was able to infiltrate a popular online identity theft black market, where people would buy and sell stolen credit cards, accounts, and machines used for counterfeiting. Not only was he able to grant access to the site while posing as an identity thief, he was able to eventually work his way up to administrator where he was given access to all transactions on the site as well as user information that law enforcement agencies were able to use to track down and arrest 59 people while preventing an estimated $70 million in bank fraud.

It's quite an interesting read so be sure to read the full story.