Monday, December 5, 2011

Being Hacked Sucks

Tags: hacking, wordpress

So starting today, all Squirrelinabox websites that were previously using Wordpress and being hosted at Dreamhost are now moved to my own dedicated server using a custom built content management system that I built from the ground up.  Why?  Because being hacked sucks.

Those that follow any of my blogs, such as Office Humor Blog and Falling Skies Fansite have probably noticed a lack of posts during the last few months.  While some of that is because I've been incredibly busy working on new projects (namely some Windows Phone 7 apps) a big reason I've stopped posting is because pretty much all my blogs that were using Wordpress were being consistently hacked.  For quite some time, the hackers were dropping hidden web pages and html links that were likely an attempt to leverage my websites' "link juice" to try and improve their rankings.  Even worse, most of those pages and links were for things like porn, viagra, illegal software, etc.  which likely hurt my site's rankings in search engines for the keywords they were designed for.

For awhile I did what I could to keep logging in and removing the pages and the links about once a week.  Since I had almost a dozen different sites, this process took quite awhile.  The breaking point came when the hackers (probably different ones) decided that seceretly hiding pages and links wasn't good enough as they started taking down the sites completely and replacing them with web pages that explained that the sites were hacked and gone.

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