Friday, November 14, 2008 Sued for False Advertising

Tags: false advertising

Web services are slowly, but surely, being exposed for their lack of business ethics and potential illegal behavior. One such website,, has recently been attacked in a lawsuit for what boils down to false advertising and fraud.

Basically, Anthony Michaels, the plaintiff, is claiming that fraudulently misrepresented information to lure him into upgrading his account. The site dangled a carrot in front of him by saying his classmates were trying to get in touch with him when in reality, they were not.

Seems like a pretty straightforward case, though lawsuits regarding the internet never seem to get proper attention by the courts. If the decision lands in the plaintiffs favor, it could send repercussions throughout the Web as similar tactics are used all the time by dating websites, social networks, and other subscription-based services.