Thursday, July 9, 2009

GamePro Writer Plagiarizes IGN Review

Tags: content theft

It's not all that uncommon to see articles on the Web that have clearly been stolen from another source. These acts of content theft, however, are usually done by unprofessional, less than reputable people. With that said, I'm actually quite surprised to see that a writer for a well known online magazine such as GamePro has been caught plagiarizing another online source.

I'm not quite sure how the writer thought he'd get away with it, seeing as many gamers read multiple reviews of a game before purchasing it. You'd think it'd be pretty obvious that many paragraphs were almost 50% word for word with an IGN review. One of the funnier things about the story is that many people from NeoGAF (the site that initially broke the story) actually were upset the plagiarizer was fired. I don't understand why people would defend a so called "journalist" who steals from other journalists. It's writing 101 that you don't plagiarize another person's work.

Anyway, the guy got fired so all is right in the world... for now at least.