Thursday, November 6, 2008

Online Dating Advertising with Offline Lawn Signs

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Online dating services are fairly big business on the Web. As previously discussed, the potential for earning big bucks with dating websites is part of the reason why there are so many fake profiles on the internet. But fake profiles aren't the only way to lure in potential victi... er... I mean customers.

Offline marketing is a relatively untapped resource for pushing online services. However, that doesn't mean there aren't any companies out there taking advantage of some "old school" marketing tactics. Take this recently published article where a guy discovers just how far a particular company has gone by using good 'ol lawn signs of all things.

It's quite an interesting read as the author relates how he slowly but surely uncovered the root of all those "Single?" lawn signs. I, personally, have seen those very same signs in Southern California and while I always figured they were part of a larger marketing scheme, I never knew just how massive and widespread the advertising is.

While the strategy seems to be fairly profitable, it does leave a bitter taste in my mouth. I absolutely hate all the advertising signs and posters that are put up all over my area and advertisers that resort to that kind of offline "spam" should be held responsible for their actions. Unfortunately, it seems like the fines you get for violating public property with these signs is so minimal that it's worth the risk for most. I think there needs to be much more than just a fine, especially for repeat offenders. Perhaps some sort of three strike rule that would send them to jail for a few days?


  1. Tim Williams Said:

    Looks like solved a mystery about year ago. (Nov-28-07 09:26 PM) I found this information on my third web search.
    mesg_id=4936&page=&topic_page=1 They found: Terry Fitzpatrick Right One 200 Cordwainer Suite 102 Norwell,Ma They tied the companies together and have been pursuing law enforcement measures since then.

  2. Jeremy Said:

    That's great that they are pursuing legal action against them. There are so many similar type signs all over my neighborhood and it's so friggin' annoying.

  3. Jeremy Said:

    Nobody said sales and marketing are bad, just unethical sales and marketing. It would appear that you fall under the later, which is why you've taken such a angry defensive stance.

  4. Jeremy Said:

    Most of the advertising signs are illegal in that they violate city laws. Taking them down in those areas would not only be completely legal, but a much welcomed community service. "Bandit Signs" are no better than telemarketing or eMail spam. In fact, they are worse since they also end up being eyesores and litter.

  5. Bandit Signs Said:

    If placed legally, and they can be placed legally, there is no issue. The guys taking them down can be prosecuted if they are placed legally. We place over 10,000 of them a week and we place them legally.

  6. bob Said:

    People who hate marketing and salesman are weak. Those are the people we make a living off of. Weak willing people who give up their CCs in a heartbeat to a guy on the phone. Why? Because we tell them too hahahahahahaha

  7. bob Said:

    without local business without marketing YOU will lose your job. Stop being a baby and grow up.

  8. Bandit Signs Said:

    Bandit Signs work for many businesses and taking them down without permission is getting many of those causs guys arrested.

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