Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Net Neutrality and the FCC

Tags: fcc, net neutrality

With a new administration in the White House, new ideas and political views are brought to the forefront. While health care, the economy, the war on terror, and a multitude of other topics are constantly being debated, another far-reaching issue has had a fairly significant turn of events - net neutrality.

For the uninitiated, net neutrality is the concept that networks should not restrict access to any sites or content while also dealing with the notion that fees should not change based on usage. For a more in depth explanation, there's always Wikipedia's definition.

Discussions of net neutrality have been around for awhile (especially with many ISPs changing their policies to go against net neutrality), but a new statement by FCC chairman Julius Genachowski may stir up the neutrality debate once more. With Genachowski's comments being a declaration of support for and enforcement of net neutrality, we may start seeing those cable companies changing their policies back to what they once were.
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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Net Morality Opens for Business

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Net Morality - a site focusing on exposing the seedier side of the World Wide Web. Along with news detailing the internet's latest hacks and scams, you'll find my own attempts at shedding light on the lesser known (and morally questionable) "darkside". From domain squatting and splogs, to blackhat SEO and MySpace, no digital stone will be left unturned as we seek out and uncover the hidden depths of the Web.

Let me throw this out there right now. This is not the place to learn how to further your own devious devices, but rather a place to help equip net users with information that may help them avoid (and maybe even battle against) the shadier side of the Web. Perhaps I may also be able to reveal some new angles on old arguments while helping the more criminal elements out there see the folly of their own ways.

Ok, so that all may sound like just a pipe dream. But everything has to start somewhere right? Well, this website starts now!