Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fake Profiles Part 3 - Craigslist Scams

Tags: craigslist, fake profiles

I've discussed fake profiles on social networking sites like MySpace and dating websites like - so it's about time I take on Craigslist.

Like MySpace and, Craigslist is targeted for fake profiles because it's a potential advertising resource. Many Craigslist users aren't necessarily net savvy, which makes them perfect victims for fake profile scams. With Craigslist, a scammer can easily create a fake profile, post a fake ad, and make a decent amount of cash in a very short amount of time with very little risk.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fake Profiles Part 2 - Online Dating

Tags: fake profiles, online dating

In part 1 of my Fake Profiles series, I talked about how people use fake profiles on social networking sites like MySpace to create large friends lists that are nothing more than lead lists to push various marketing efforts. In part 2 I will be focusing on how (and why) people use fake profiles for online dating websites like and Yahoo Personals.

Like social networking sites, dating websites have become big lead sources for internet marketers (aka, spammers and scammers) to attack. With online dating websites they are able to focus directly on a particularly lucrative niche - singles looking for dates. Having such a valuable and focused niche has drawn all sorts of seedy Web individuals to exploit these types of websites and users by creating fake profiles in an attempt to lure unsuspecting singles seeking net-goers.
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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fake Profiles Part 1 - MySpace

Tags: fake profiles, internet marketers, myspace, spam

Okay, so it's probably not a mystery that MySpace is filled with fake profiles, but do you know why those fake profiles exist? Why do people spend the time creating them? Well, with MySpace having such a huge pool of users, it's the perfect place for some bulk marketing (aka, spamming).

You see, there are a whole lot of internet marketers out there - and I use the term loosely - who are looking for any way possible to spread their links to as many people as possible. These links are usually to affiliate products and websites where the "marketer" gets a cut (either per sale or sometimes per so many visitors). Since MySpace has such a huge userbase and has some marketing friendly features (nameley sending bulletins to friends) it makes for a great source of Web victims.

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