Net Morality is a blog dealing with the more “underground” side of the internet. From hacks and scams to viruses and spams, no virtual rock will be left unturned. The purpose of shedding light on some of these areas is to both discourage those who use it and to help empower those who may be targetted by it. Knowledge is power and all that right?

You may be wondering won’t revealing some of this stuff give others the information they need to use it against people? Well, my thoughts are that most people looking for trouble are going to find it and wouldn’t need my simple blog to do so. In any case, I won’t really be going into enough detail on most posts to really enable anybody to do anything they couldn’t do before.

Ok, so I have no illusions that my tiny little site is going to change the world or anything, but perhaps it may nudge a few people in the right direction while letting a few more know what to look out for on the increasingly hazardous Web.

If any of my posts come off as “holier than though” or pretentious in any way, that’s probably because they are just that. Remember, this blog is purely one person’s opinion and when you tread upon issues like morality and ethics (especially in a complex environment such as the internet), just about anything you say is going to ignite some sort of flames.

But that’s the point isn’t it? To get everything out in the open and start talking about it.